Debbie Pan
Art Director and
Local Fixer based in Tokyo, Japan.


We follow a band (Gliiico, Loota, CoCo) on their journey through a humble countryside town as their car breaks down on the way to their concert.
Directed by: Nico De Torres and Yuann
DP: Ono Yuki
Produced by: Vick Okada and Debbie Pan
Art Director: Debbie Pan
Hair: Maeda Daisuke
MUA: Makiko Endo
Styling: Debbie Pan
Starring: Gliiico, Loota, Young Coco, Mama Luli, Luca, Mia, Sumire
Edited and Color: Nico De Torres
Graphics by: Debbie and Kian Ansari

Special thanks to: Agnes Kruel, Udai, Jun Takeshita, Natsuko, Amy Otsuka, GR8.